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​Teaching others to fly is one of my passions! I am the author of Teaching Confidence in the Clouds and have been a regular aviation column author for IFR Refresher Magazine. I live on the boundry of Stuart Witham Airport in Stuart, Florida and have many fine photographs of jets as they depart the airport. You can check my portfolio on this site. 
This guide is a long time in coming! I have been a flight instructor for over 20 years, and have given over 10,000 hours of instrument flight instruction. Flight simulators and training devices are a great educational tool if properly utilized and operated. Mr. Gilmore has outdone himself in providing some great insight and techniques in getting the most out of these wonderful tools. This should be a must read for the serious instrument instructor who wants to give his students the best value in simulated instrument training using sims and FTD's.

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Tom Gilmore, Master CFII Emeritus

Teaching Confidence in the Clouds, by Tom Gilmore
My book is written to provide the history and guidance in the use of desktop flight simulators.This authoritative manual provides pilots and flight instructors with the essential tools needed to incorporate computer desktop flight simulators and training devices into their programs. Innovative aircraft design and recent advances in avionics technology have changed the way that pilots fly and thus the way that instructors must teach. On Top personal computer aviation training devices are thoroughly discussed as part of an instrument training program while a brief history of instrument flight, stories of aviation innovation, and instructor training assignments and tips are also included.

​I sincerely hope that after reading this book I will have provided a convincing amount of background information that prove desktop flight simulators are a valuable instrument training tool. After training many instrument pilots for over thirty years, I know how unnerving  the first few hours of flying in clouds can be. The only way a pilot can safely master the aircraft when flying in the clouds is to have complete confidence in his/her instrument scanning skills. That is how I developed the title of my book, "Teaching Confidence in the Clouds". I personally witnessed the value in using desktop flight simulators to hone these skills in my accelerated instrument training program using both the FAA approved PCATD and BATD units. My wish is for the reader to not only go on to earn the instrument rating with the use of the desktop flight simulator, but to learn some tips on instrument flying that I have included in this book.
Tom Gilmore was my 10-day instrument instructor 8 years ago and has written a book that is as good as his in-person instruction. I couldn't believe he could take me from zero to instrument rated in just over a week, but not only did he do that, he did it in less time than anticipated. This book is a great review of some of what we did. Our work with the flight simulator every day was invaluable to my instruction. Tom can't teach everyone to fly instruments, but now everyone can get the benefit of his experience by reading this. Great book.

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